Secure your mission, increase compliance, and cost effectively reduce risk

Compliance, Engineering and Life-Cycle Solutions

Securing both sensitive and cleared enclaves, our CyberAssurance workforce and proven approach provides full life-cycle solutions that secure your mission, increase compliance and cost-effectively reduce risk.

What Our team provides

Risk Management Framework
Security Architecture
Managed Security Engineering
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A True Difference

A comprehensive IA program that is effective and transformative requires more than engineers, analysts, and administrators. It requires an innovative approach that brings together a capable cyber security workforce and forward-looking cyber strategists that can quickly analyze patterns and threat evolution to develop solutions that defend against advanced adversaries.

Our approach includes the right balance of cybersecurity and Information Assurance Subject Matter Experts along with Business Strategists, Business Process Engineers, and Project and Performance Management professionals to provide a holistic and comprehensive IA program that is scalable to meet both today’s and the future’s needs.

Solution Highlights

Strategy & Governance

Developing comprehensive cybersecurity programs through multi-sector experience, our seasoned professionals provide fully-framed solutions that define organizational risk tolerance and enable the mission through integration of portfolio management, development lifecycle, acquisition, and change management processes.

Security Architecture Development & Engineering

Providing assured cyber and information protection capabilities through strategic architecture design and the integration of core cybersecurity principles of Protect, Detect, Respond & Recover, and Sustain.

Risk Management Framework

Enabling organizations to make risk based decisions regarding which cyber assets to deploy and how to maintain their protection. Our experts design and
execute National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) compliant
programs in civil, defense or national security enclaves.

Defensive Cyber Operations

Delivering leading edge protection capabilities that enable vigilant maintenance and situational awareness, our highly experienced and certified resources provide proven defenses for your most sensitive cyber assets.

Cyber Incident Response & Recovery

Rapid response, isolating threats, and restoring cyber assets to baseline
performance, our CyberAssurance professionals provide comprehensive and
efficient solutions to respond, recover and maintain your operations.