Bridging the gap between your business operations and supporting technologies


Bridging the gap between business operations and current technology, CyberOperations strives toward efficient and streamlined operations. Our experienced support teams provide a full complement of cybersecurity services ranging from administrative support for budgetary decision making to personnel for operational support. Whether traditional IT or critical communication systems, our goal is to help establish and preserve our client’s business model by providing continuity planning, essential personnel, business processes and system assessments.

What Our team provides

Policy, Governance, and Gap Assessment
Continuity of Operations (COOP)
Emergency Management (EM) and Disaster Recovery (DR)
Enterprise Architecture
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Solution Highlights


Through proven organizational gap assessment, business continuity planning, policy analysis and creation, our CyberOperations services provide the insight as well as the oversight for organizations looking to optimize their enterprise. Our experienced professional teams assist with the exploration and  understanding of the organization’s mission, how it relates to the business needs, and assess how it can be supported through effective policy, processes, and technology.

Our lifecycle services deliver solutions covering the entire lifespan of your operations. We understand the needs of both business and IT organizations. Our CyberOperations services help enable them to achieve their goals by providing continuity planning, essential personnel, business processes, system  assessments and services.