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Data Breach Prevention

Preventing data breaches is more important to your business than ever before. True IA solutions can help secure your vital systems.

Attacks generally fall into one of several broad categories. Identifying which category an incident falls into is often the first step to identifying the appropriate response. The steps involved in handling a computer security incident are categorized into six stages identified below:

Immediate protection of the system

Notification of appropriate personnel

Identification of the problem

Containment of the problem

Eradication of the problem

Incident recovery and follow-up analysis

In order to assist our clients with meeting standards and requirements outlined for Data Breaches, True IA proposes a phased approach to meet the objectives of this initiative. The phases are as follows:

Current State Assessment

This phase aims to gain a full understanding of the current state of a client’s safeguards meant to protect personal information. In this phase, True IA will perform a data element inventory and develop a high-level data flow mapping.

Future State Design

This phase will document the future state of the privacy program. It will take into account all relevant industry better practices, our privacy program methodology and the client’s culture and business objectives to create an effective and sensible privacy program design.

Gap Analysis

True IA will perform a gap analysis between current and future state. This phase will provide necessary context and will enable True IA to provide implementation recommendations that will drive the design process.

Implementation of Future State Solution

Activities in this phase will provide solutions to meet