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Education & Training

An educated workforce is the best prevention. Let us develop a training plan for your organization.

Information Assurance Awareness Program

Educate the connected workforce (technical and non-technical) in the best ways to protect themselves, the network, and sensitive data by modifying their day-to-day activities to increase the organization’s security posture.

Monthly Newsletters Distributed to the Enterprise

True IA provides information on security related topics, such as: Combating Social Engineering Attack, Avoiding Data Spillages, Enhancing Email Security, and Protecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

VIP and Senior Executive Education

VIP’s and Senior Executives within an organization represent high-value targets that malicious users are willing to invest extra time and effort to exploit. As such, True IA has developed Awareness Campaigns corresponding to the unique vulnerabilities faced by Senior Leadership.

Maintain the Technical Skill Set of IT Staff

True IA can work with your organization to identify potential shortcomings in the skill sets of technical staff, and develop comprehensive plans to elevate organizational technical expertise to optimum levels.

Ensure Qualification and Certification Compliance

True IA can help to ensure employees possess professional certifications that are relevant to their job functions, analyze the need for role-based training in addition to or in lieu of vendor-neutral certifications, consisting of training on job-specific tools and/or software suites, assist your organization is in compliance with federally mandated information security certification requirements.

Track Organizational and Individual Certification Compliance

True IA can help to develop a framework and method for tracking employee continuing education that is unique and appropriate to your organization, and provide leadership with high-level views of departmental skill sets to identify areas of improvement or skill set strengthening.